Salami 2PE Gear Pump / Motor

Aluminium Gear Motors (External) / Aluminium Gear Pumps (External)


The Salami 2PE gear pump and motor with modular construction are made of aluminium alloy body, cast iron flanges and covers. Moreover, floating bushings, axial compensation and bearings made of anti-friction material enable high volumetric efficiency.

Technical specifications of the Salami 2PE Gear Pump and motor:

  • model types: 4.5, 6.5, 8.3, 11.3, 13.8, 16, 19, 22.5, 26, 10.5 and 12.5
  • an integral gear with 12 teeth
  • flanges, shafts and ports for the main European and American standards
  • a wide range of rear covers with built-in valves
  • displacements range from 4.6cm3 / rev to 12.7cm3 / rev
  • maximum speed at P2 ranges from 4000 rpm to 3500 rpm
  • maximum speed at P1 ranges from 600 rpm to 500 rpm

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