Sunfab SCP SAE Single Flow Pumps


Sunfab SCP SAE pumps are a standard series of fixed displacement axial piston pumps equipped with shafts and flanges that meet the SAE-B and SAE-C standard.

They have a compact design and are suitable for demanding mobile hydraulic applications, offering excellent flow performance, pressure and efficiency.

The pump is either mounted directly on the power take-off or on a frame bracket via an intermediate shaft. The stop shoulder on the angular housing allows the pump´s direction of rotation to be changed without the risk of altering the gear meshing.

SCP SAE pumps are available in 11 displacements from 12 cc/rev to 108 cc/rev:  SCP012 | SCP017 | SCP025 | SCP034 | SCP040 | SCP047 | SCP056 | SCP064 | SCP084 | SCP090 | SCP108

Maximum working pressure is 400 bar across the series.

Theoretical oil flow ranges from 6.3 to 54 litres/minute at 500 rpm, and from 18.9 to 162 litres/minute at 1500 rpm.

Maximum continuous pump speed ranges from 1500 to 2300 rpm, while intermittent speed ranges from 2000 to 3000 rpm.

Other features of Sunfab SCP SAE pumps include:

  • High maximum speed while maintaining low noise levels;
  • Smooth operation over the entire speed range;
  • Long life material selection on bearings, seals, etc;
  • O-rings on all contact surfaces as well as double shaft seals eliminate oil leakage from the pump and power take-off.

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