Sunfab SCPD 56 / 26 DIN By-Pass Pumps


Sunfab SCPD 56 / 26 by-pass dual flow pumps have two separate flows and a directly mounted by-pass valve. This makes them one of the most flexible compact fixed flow pumps available.

They are ideal for combination vehicles which require different flows and where there is a need to operate equipment while moving. These pumps are primarily intended for engine-mounted power take-offs. The by-pass valve enables constant engagement. This immediately relieves the load on the pump and power take-off when oil is not required. The pressure drop of the by-pass valve is also very low making it energy efficient.

Theses pumps provide 56.0 cc/rev and 26.0 cc/rev and support a maximum working pressure of 400 bar. Maximum pump speed is 1850 rpm (pump A is 1850 rpm, pump B is 2200 rpm); maximum relieved pump speed is 2700 rpm. The by-pass valve can relieve the load from full operating pressure of 400 bar, thus enabling an emergency stop function.

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