Sunfab SLPD 20/20 – 64/32 DIN Dual Flow Pumps


Sunfab SLPD 20/20-64/32 DIN is a series of in-line dual flow pumps with extremely low noise levels for demanding mobile hydraulic applications.

They come in 8 different sizes, of which 3 models have differentiated flows: 20/20 | 28/28 | 40/20 | 35/35 | 56/28 | 46/46 | 53/53 | 64/32

These flow combinations increase the pumps’ versatility as they can provide three different flows: one small, one large and one combined flow. Maximum pressure is 330-350 bar depending on the model. Maximum pump speed ranges from 1600 to 2200 rpm.

A slim pump housing makes direct mounting on the power take-off possible even in very confined areas. It is also ideal for installation using a frame bracket via an intermediate shaft.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Independent direction of rotation;
  • Cost effective total solution compared to a conventional installation using two pumps with a splitter gear box;
  • Smooth operation over the entire speed range;
  • Long life material selection on bearings, seals, etc;
  • O-rings on all contact surfaces as well as double shaft seals;
  • Extremely low noise emission over entire speed and pressure ranges.

A version with a Savtec valve is also available for applications where the hydraulics need to be used while the vehicle is on the move.

Download the Sunfab SLPD 20/20 64/32 DIN Technical Catalogue >>>

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