Walvoil Hydrocontrol D40 Sectional Valves – High Flow


The Walvoil Hydrocontrol D40 is a complete and flexible sectional valve for high flow hydraulic systems. A range of interchangeable spools and auxiliary valves make this a more versatile product. Potential applications of the D40 include all-terrain cranes, wheel loaders, sea platform cranes, drilling rigs and presses. This valve has the greatest flow performance of any sectional valve in the Walvoil Hydrocontrol D-range

Features of the D40 include:

  • Potential for manual or hydraulic controls
  • Port valves on all working sections.
  • Available in several configurations if required by specialist needs

D40 key technical details:

  • Maximum flow rating: 700 litres/minute (185 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 350 bar (5100 psi)
  • Number of sections: 10
  • Pitch: 91mm (3.58 inches)

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