Walvoil Hydrocontrol RCV Pedal-Operated Valve


The Walvoil Hydrocontrol RCV is a handwheel, push-button or pedal operated hydraulic control valve. This general purpose valve works across a single port.

It can be delivered with simple spring centering control, 360° regulating handle holding the control position or with pedal control. In rest position, the hydraulic remote control is held in neutral by return spring; inlet port P is closed and ports are connected to tank port T. By selecting control, a plunger compresses the return spring and reaction spring; consequently it shifts spool and opens connection holes between inlet port P and service ports. This causes a pressure increase on service ports that is proportional to the control stroke and the reaction spring.

Key technical details for the RCV valve include:

  • Product type: Handwheel, push-button or pedal operation
  • Number of ports: 1
  • Maximum flow rating: 12 litres/minute (3.2 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 100 bar (1450 psi)

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