Walvoil SDM100 Monoblock Valves


The Walvoil SDM100 is a robustly constructed medium-flow compact monoblock valve with many potential applications. It is available with 1 to 8 sections: SDM100/1, SDM100/2, SDM100/3, SDM100/4, SDM100/5, SDM100/6, SDM100/7, SDM100/8.

Features of the SDM100 include:

  • Type “Y” free flow gallery
  • Potential for parallel, series and tandem circuits
  • Main pressure relief valve and a load check valve on each working section
  • Auxiliary valve arrangement
  • Optional carry-over ports, unloader solenoid valves and flange-mounted pilot check valves
  • Anti-cavitation and anti-shock valves (with fixed or adjustable settings) available on each section
  • On/off and proportional controls in manual, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and electro-hydraulic controls configuration

Key technical details:

  • Nominal flow rating : 70 litres/minute (18 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 315 bar (4600 psi)
  • Number of sections: up to 8
  • Pitch: 36mm (1.42 inches)

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