Walvoil SDS180 DLS180 Sectional Directional Control Valves


The Walvoil SDS180 valve is a robust, versatile and flexible sectional valve. It is the ideal partner for many applications such as: large backhoe loaders, agricultural loaders, forest cranes, as well as urban refuse compactors. The DLS180 valve is the load-sensing version of the two valves.

Features of the Walvoil SDS180 and DLS180 include:

  • Type “Y” free flow gallery
  • Special inlet covers with priority valve and flow unloader valve
  • Fitted with a main pressure relief valve and a load check valve on every working section
  • Available with parallel, tandem or series circuits
  • Optional carry-over port
  • A wide range of anti-shock and anti-cavitation port valves
  • Intermediate sections for several types of circuit
  • Potential for manual, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, proportional hydraulic or remote cables controls
  • 20 mm (0.79 inches) diameter interchangeable spools
SDS180 key technical details:
  • Maximum flow rating: 160 litres/minute (42 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 315 bar (4600 psi)
  • Number of sections: 12
  • Pitch: 48mm (1.89 inches)

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