Danfoss Gear Motors

Danfoss gear motors are available in three three lines: the GearMe, the Rugid and the Lumi ranges. Models are available with aluminium or cast iron bodies, and are suitable for use on off-road vehicles, in even the most demanding of applications.

The GearMe range:

Danfoss’ GearMe motors are a lightweight and durable offering, applicable to small, medium and large vehicles. The aluminium gear motors are available in three different frame sizes (Group 1, 2 and 3). GearMe motors feature high strength extruded aluminium housings, an aluminium rear cover and a front flange. These features combine together to create maximum possible strength whilst maintaining a low weight. Further, they are optimised for energy efficient operation, allowing customers to keep running costs low.

A broad variety of configurations are available with European or SAE flange options to meet widely varying machine requirements.

The Rugid range:

The Danfoss Rugid range is a power-optimised group of gear motors, designed for maximum punch and durability – even in the harshest conditions. They come with the option for aluminium or cast iron housing, allowing the customer to focus on lower weight or maximum strength depending on their application. In particular, the cast-iron range is developed for continuous operation in the severest environmental and temperature conditions. Rugid motors 20% smaller than other comparable products, with a high power-density that allows for easy installation and operation. The use of high temperature seals and a dust resistant shaft seal protector also improve performance and help extend operating life.

The Lumi Range:

The incorporation of an iron flange and end-cover ensures utmost reliability, making Lumi products  perfect for standard applications. Its robustness makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications that require standard motor performance. The pressure-balanced design, ensures sealing pressure and adapts automatically to operating conditions to improve efficiency and minimise energy losses.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Danfoss motor that you need listed below.