Danfoss Group 2 Fan Drive Motor


Danfoss Group 2 fan drive gear motors have an aluminium construction and an integrated dust cover. This extends their life by preventing dirt ingression across the shaft seal. Noise levels are also reduced as a result of enhanced gear teeth machining and special coatings.

An EH proportional valve is integrated in the rear casting to provide more uniform performance over the entire operating temperature range.

PLUS+1® compliant technology ensures all electro-hydraulic products integrate seamlessly in a customised control system.

The motor is available in 7 frame/displacement sizes:

Frame Size801101401701902225 
Displacement (cc/rev)8.410.814.416.819.222.825.2
Peak pressure (bar/psi)270/3916270/3916270/3916250/3626230/3336210/3046180/2610
Rated pressure (bar/psi)250/3626250/3626250/3626230/3336210/3046180/2610160/2320
Back Pressure (bar/psi)250/3626250/3626250/3626230/3336210/3046180/2610160/2320
Maximum speed (rpm)3500350035003500320032003200
Minimum speed (rpm)700700700500500500500
Weight (kg)3.23.753.

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