Parker Valves - Other

Parker valves enable and improve industrial and mobile machinery performance.

In addition to cartridge valves, check valves, directional control valves, pressure reducing valves, relief valves and unloading valves, the range of Parker valves includes:

  • Flow control valves: F series, in-line | TDP series, 2-way high response | TDA series, proportional throttle | TEA series, proportional throttle with shut-off valve | FM series throttle check | TPQ series, three-way high response | GFG2 series, two-way flow control | PC*MS series, subplate mounted | TEP series, two-way high response with shut off | ZRD series, throttle check | 2F1C series, 2-way variable flow control | TDW series, 2-way slip in cartridge | D4S series, 2/2-way seat valve | TDC series, two-way high performance, F5C series, proportional throttle | DUR*L06 series, 2-way proportional control, D4S series 2-2 way seat valve for in-line mounting | D5S directional seat valve.
  • Needle valves: needle flow control valves| MV and MVI series precision needle valves | N Series in-line general purpose valves
  • Proportional valves: D1FC and D3FC series, direct operated proportional | D1FP and D3FP series, direct operated proportional series | VP120 series load sensing |  D31FB OBE, D41FB OBE, D91FB OBE, D111FB OBE series, pilot operated | TDP series 2-way high response | TDA series, throttle | TEA series | BD series | TPQ series | VMY series, pilot operated reducing | TEP series 2-way high response valve with shut-off | F5C series, proportional throttle
  • Sequence valves: pilot operated (with reverse check or with kickdown) | direct operated |  VBY and VBY*K series pilot operated pressure relief valves | VB and VS series direct operated pressure relief | R4S series pilot operated sequence | R5S pilot operated sequence with SAE flange | S06M 2-way slip in cartridge
  • Shuttle valves: inline | cartridge ball type | insert | cartridge spool type  with all ports closed or open | cartridge spool type inverse shuttle valves | ZSRA/ ZSRB series 2-way slip-in cartridge valve | Cartridge Spool Type Shuttle Valve (with spring offset).

Parker Distributor Keep it Real

Our hydraulic product portfolio is constantly growing with new parts added daily, but we still only show a small selection of we supply.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, if you cannot see the Parker flow control valve that you need – as a recognised global Parker distributor we will be delighted to help!

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