Bosch Rexroth WE 6 ../.B..XD… Directional Spool Valve


Bosch Rexroth WE 6 ../.B..XD… series direct operated directional spool valves have solenoid actuation. They control the start, stop and direction of flow. Directional spool valves connect or isolate the connections by moving a control spool in a housing bore.

The valve has a maximum operating pressure of 315 bar and a maximum flow of 60 litres/minute.

Other features of the Bosch Rexroth WE 6 ../.B..XD… spool valve include:

  • Component series 6X;
  • Area of application in accordance with the Explosion Protection Directive 2014/34/EU: I M2; II 2G;
  • Type of protection of the valve solenoids: Ex db I Mb / Ex db IIC T4 Gb according to EN 60079-0 / EN 60079-1;
  • Direct operated directional spool valve with solenoid actuation for intended use in potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-03-02-0-05;
  • Subplates available in FE/ZN version;
  • Wet-pin DC solenoids in hydraulic fluid;
  • Electrical connection with individual connection and cable gland;
  • With optional manual override.

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