Eaton Char-Lynn 2000 Series Motors


The popular Eaton Char-Lynn 2000 series provides torque up to 845 Nm in a proven reliable and durable design. Eaton has added options that make the motor more flexible to use in a wide variety of applications including: skid steer attachments, swing motors, brush cutters and mowers, harvesting equipment and turf equipment.

Available in 13 displacements, the 2000 series provides flow up to 75 litres/minute and continuous pressure of 205 bar:

2000 Series Motors              
Displacement (cm³/rev)3441668090100130160195245305395490
Max. Cont. Speed (rpm)121511041075908836742576477385308246191153
Max. Int Speed (rpm)121512161214908104292420713577462365287230
Continuous Flow (l/min)42457275757575757575757575
Intermittent Flow (l/min)42538775959595115115115115115115
Continuous Torque (Nm)98112186235265295385455540660765775845
Intermittent Torque (Nm)141169276345390445560570665820885925930
Cont. Pressure (bar)205205205205205205205205205205205155120
Int. Pressure (bar)310310310310310310310260260260240190140
Peak Pressure (bar)310310310310310310310310310310310225170

Other features include:

  • Three zone design for longer life and true bi-directionality;
  • Bearings that meet the highest standards of the industry;
  • Options to optimise performance in every application;
  • Integrated cross-over relief valve option;
  • Compact design that maximises power density.

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