Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series Motors


The ‘cornerstone’ of the Char-Lynn line, the Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series offers up to 970 Nm of continuous torque and 95 litres / minute.

The 4000 series is available in 10 displacements from 110 cm³/rev to 625 cm³/rev:

4000 Series Motors
Displacement (cm³/rev)110130160205245280310395495625
Max. Cont. Speed (rpm)697722582459383336303239191151
Max. Int Speed (rpm)868862693546532488422376305241
Continuous Flow (l/min)75959595959595959595
Intermittent Flow (l/min)95115115115130130130150150150
Continuous Torque (Nm)320375485600705753850930945970
Intermittent Torque (Nm)4705607058008459571065118511701180
Cont. Pressure (bar)205205205205205205205190140115
Int. Pressure (bar)310310310260310260260240170140
Peak Pressure (bar)310310310310310310310295230180

Other features include:

  • Variety of mounting flanges and output shafts
  • Reliable, proven design
  • High efficiency
  • Environmental protection options

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