Dana Brevini Silent Plus Gear Pumps


Dana Brevini Silent Plus gear pumps are quieter than standard gear pumps. They use helical gears that reduce pulsations between the gear wheels.

The series is available in 11 displacements from 4.10 cc/rev to 30.00 cc/rev: OT200 P04 | OT200 P06 | OT200 P08 | OT200 P11 | OT200 P14 | OT200 P16 | OT200 P20 | OT200 P22 | OT200 P25 | OT200 P28 | OT200 P30

Maximum working pressures range from 130 to 250 bar, with peak pressures from 170 to 300 bar and maximum speeds range from 2000 to 4000 rpm.

Suction and pressures ports can be GAS threated or flanged type.

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