Eaton Hydrokraft TVX Piston Pumps


Eaton Hydrokraft TVX series pumps are axial piston pumps with swashplate design for closed-loop applications. They provide precise control, reliable operation over a long life.

Variable displacements are available in 2 sizes: 66 cc and 90 cc/rev. However, replacement unit displacement sizes are available at: 130, 180 and 250 cc/rev. Operating pressures are up to 350 bar (5,076 psi)

Other features of the TVX pump series include:

  • Pressure up to 420 bar;
  • Rated speed up to 1800 rpm, higher speeds possible;
  • Rotating and pressure-loaded parts are pressure balanced;
  • Oversize shaft and shaft bearings;
  • Large charge flow rates for low system temperature;
  • Wide range of available integrated charge and pilot pressure pump combinations;
  • Extra large bearings extend pump life and reliability;
  • Standard available transmission circuits with integrated valves and filters to build complete closed loop system for charge flow and flushing;
  • Fast response times.

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