Eaton Integrated Flow Control Valves


Eaton Integrated flow control valves factor temperature, pressure and volume of flow to efficiently handle applications. They offer pressure ratings to 350 bar (5,000 psi) and flow ratings up to 350 litres/minute.  Eaton’s flow control valve cartridges are made of hardened, ground materials (steel or aluminium) for maximum durability and reliability.

In summary, the range of Eaton Integrated flow control valves includes:
  • Non-adjustable pressure compensated flow regulator;
  • Adjustable pressure compensated flow regulator;
  • Fixed and adjustable priority bypass type flow regulator;
  • Adjustable flow control with or without free reverse flow check;
  • Needle valves;
  • Velocity fuses.

Eaton valves also have SAE and BSPP port options in the following configurations:

  • In-line single or dual;
  • SAE, 4-bolt, code 61;
  • Close coupled, nipple mounted;
  • Gasket mounted single or dual.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options on the full range of Eaton flow control valves.

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