Eaton Vickers Duraforce HMV and HMR Motors


Eaton Vickers DuraForce HMV and HMR motors are variable displacement axial piston motors suitable for open and closed loop systems. They offer a long service life and deliver smooth repeatable torque, high efficiency through the operating range and durability to handle extreme duty cycles. With a compact design, they are well packaged to fit in tight spaces.

They are ideal for sensitive applications that require a high starting torque efficiency in order to maintain smooth, repeatable torque delivery at low speed conditions.

Duraforce HMV and HMR series motors have a modular design that promotes greater flexibility. They are easily configurable, with interchangeable controls that optimise system efficiency. These highly reliable motors also offer a wide torque / speed conversion range; highly dynamic response characteristics; high power density and simplified drive line.

The Eaton Vickers Duraforce HMV (variable displacement) motor series is available in displacements from 55 cc/rev to 280 cc/rev: HMV055 | HMV075 | HMV105 | HMV135 | HMV165 | HMV210 | HMV280. Other features include:

  • Pressure range up to 420 bar (6,100 psi);
  • Stepless or two position control;
  • Electric or hydraulic control;
  • Override pressure control possible;
  • Optional brake pressure shut off;
  • Can be set to 0 cm³/rev;
  • Double motor available.

The HMR Series (regulated variable displacement) motors are available in displacements from 75 cc/rev to 280 cc/rev: HMR075 | HMR105 | HMR135 | HMR165 | HMR210 | HMR280. Other features include:

  • Pressure range up to 420 bar (6,100 psi);
  • Optional purge valve for circuit and case flushing in closed loop circuit;
  • System pressure regulation, no external control lines required;
  • Brake pressure shut off for closed loop circuit;
  • Optional counterbalance (brake) valve CBV.

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