Eaton Vickers PVB PFB Piston Pumps


Eaton Vickers PVB and PFB pumps are variable and fixed displacement axial piston pumps. Their high performance ratings and efficiencies are achieved with a variety of hydraulic fluids.

Fixed displacement models are noted for their volumetric and mechanical efficiencies. They are available in 3 displacement sizes: PFB5, 10.55 cc | PFB10, 21.40 cc |  PFB20 42.80 cc/rev.

Variable displacement models can closely match pressure and/or flow demand with a control selected from: pressure compensator with or without a remote control facility | pressure compensator with adjustable displacement control | load sensing compensator | mechanical (lever) control | handwheel control.

They are available in 8 displacement sizes: PVB5, 10.55 cc | PVB6, 13.81 cc | PVB10, 21.10 cc.| PVB15, 33.0 cc | PVB20 | PVB29, 61.60 cc | PVB45, 94.50 cc | PVB90, 197.50 cc/rev

Operating pressures are up to 210 bar (3000 psi), and drive speeds are to 3600 rpm.

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