Eaton Vickers Return Line Filters


Eaton Vickers return line filters usually have spin-on type elements, cartridge elements in an in-line mounted housing, or cartridge elements within a housing that is mounted directly within the reservoir itself – sometimes referred to as an in-tank filter.

Return line filters:

  • May also be equipped with fluid sampling devices to monitor the fluid cleanliness level. Secondary ports may also be incorporated to add make-up fluid and ensure that the fluid is transferred through a filter before entering the system;
  • Are an integral part of an effective contamination control solution.
  • Ideal for systems where the pump is the sensitive component.
  • An economic means of achieving the target cleanliness level.
  • Often placed before the fluid enters the reservoir in order to prevent debris and particles from recirculating through the system.
  • A crucial component when cylinders are present in the system. Cylinders potentially contribute a large amount of contamination ingression and return line filters are ideal for this type of control solution.
  • Sometimes the only filters necessary (combined with a breather) when seeing the entire system flow on a continuous basis.
  • Only a part of an effective contamination control solution when the system employs variable displacement pumps. Filters in systems like this may be supplemented by pressure and/or off-line filters.

The Eaton Vickers return line filter range comprises:

ModelFlows toPressure
HV3R Series Return Line280 litres/min50 bar / 725 psi
HV6R Series Return Line1700 litres/min25 bar / 350 psi
HV6RD Duplex Return Line1700 litres/min25 bar / 350 psi
OFR 30 Series In Line114 litres/min27.6 bar / 400 psi
OFR 60 / 120 Series In Line450 litres/min27.6 bar / 400 psi
DLR DIN Series Return Line400 litres/min25 bar / 350 psi
LND Series Duplex400 litres/min25 bar / 360 psi

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