Emmegi KBV Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers


Emmegi KBV Series are highly efficient air-oil exchangers with optional built-in by-pass.

The wide number of combinations available means that the 2000 KBV series heat exchangers are the optimal cooling solution for a wide range of mobile and industrial applications including: agriculture and forestry, mobile and stationary cranes, industrial vehicles, municipal vehicles,  hydraulic systems, machine tools and material handling.

The complete Emmegi Drain 2000 KBV series comprises models: 2015 KBV | 2020 KBV | 2024 KBV | 2030 KBV | 2040 KBV | 2050 KBV

The entire range is available with electric motors with different IP protection degrees and various voltages, both single-phase and three-phase, at 50 and 60Hz. Emmegi KBV series air-oil heat exchangers can be AC-driven, 12 and 24V DC-driven or driven by a hydraulic motor. There is also an option for an adjustable- or fixed-temperature thermostat.

Across the series, flows range from a minimum of 10 litres/minute to a maximum of 400 litres/minute. The cooler element is made of ‘long life’ aluminium, has a maximum operating pressure of 20 bar static, test pressure of 35 bar and maximum operating temperature of 120 °C. Exchange power ranges from 0.06 kW/°C to 1.0 kW/°C

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