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    Emmegi MG Air Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

    Emmegi MG Air Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers


    Emmegi MG Air series air-oil heat exchangers are used to cool hydraulic oil systems by cooling the ambient air that passes over the radiant using a fan operated by an electric or hydraulic motor.

    The configuration of the cooling pipes increases the turbulence of the fluid and the exchange capacity; special jets on the cooler finning further improve the total transmission coefficient. The result is a very small, light and robust technologically advanced product.

    The technical specification of the cooler element is as follows: long life aluminium, operating pressure: 20 bar, test pressure: 35 bar, maximum operating temperature: 120 degrees centigrade.

    The Emmegi MG Air range comprises:

    • K series: 2005K | 2010K | 2015K | 2020K | 2024K | 2030K | 2040K | 2050K
    • 2 Pass K series: 2005K 2Pass | 2010K 2Pass | 2015K 2Pass | 2020K 2Pass| 2024K 2Pass| 2030K 2Pass| 2040K 2Pass| 2050K 2Pass
    • 2KS series: 2020 2KS | 2024 2KS | 2030 2KS | 2040 2KS
    • By-Pass K series: 2015K By-Pass | 2020K By-Pass | 2024K By-Pass | 2030K By-Pass | 2040K By-Pass

    Options include:

    • Fan motor type:  230vAC 50/60 Hz |  230vAC-400vAC 50/60Hz | 230vAC 400vAC – 50Hz / 265vAC-460vAC – 60Hz | 12vDC | 24vDC
    • Fixed thermostat: 40-28° | 50-38° | 60-48° | 70-58° | 80-68° | 90-78°
    • Adjustable thermostat : 0-90° (TC2) | 0-120° (TC2)
    • Ventilation: suction air flow / blowing air flow.

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

    Download the Emmegi MG Air Technical Catalogue >>> 

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