Hawe CMV, CMVZ, CSV and CSVZ Pressure Valves


The Hawe CMV, CMVZ, CSV and CSVZ series valves are all versions of pressure-limiting valves, or sequence valves. They safeguard systems against excessive pressure and limit operating pressures by maintaining constant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet flow. The valves are directly controlled and damped as standard.

The design of these Hawe valves allows for easily produced mounting holes, and all valve types offer various adjustment options too.

Key technical specifications are as follows:

  • Hawe CMV: maximum pressure: 500 bar; flow rate: 20-60 litres per minute
  • Hawe CMVZ: maximum Pressure: 500 bar; flow rate: 40 litres per minute
  • Hawe CSV: maximum pressure: 315 bar; flow rate: 40-60 litres per minute
  • Hawe CSVZ: maximum pressure: 315 bar; flow rate: 40  litres per minute

Common applications include: general hydraulic systems, test benches and hydraulic tools.

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