Hawe DSV and DSVP Shut-Off Valves


Hawe DSV and DSVP valves are pressure-dependent shut-off valves. When a set pressure value is reached and exceeded, the valves will block the flow to consumer line B with zero leakage. The valves will reopen if the pressure on the inflow side A falls below the set value as defined by the spring tension.

The pressure-dependent shut-off valve type DSV can be used as a safeguard pressure gauge and is available for pipe connection or manifold mounting. Their configuration allows for various means of adjustment and the option of multiple additional functions.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe DSV series include:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 bar
  • Flow rate: 20-60 litres per minute

Meanwhile, technical specifications of the Hawe DSVP are:

  • Maximum pressure: 600 bar
  • Flow rate: 20 litres per minute

Common applications include: general hydraulic systems, test benches and (pressure gauge) protection valves.

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