Hawe EM, BEM and EMP Directional Seated Valves


Hawe EM, BEM and EMP valves are directional seated, screw-in, valves. As cone valves they are tightly sealed without leakage in the closed state; 2/2 valves with direct or pilot-controlled electromagnetic actuation are available.

The EM series is available as a directional valve or damped switching (soft-shift) whilst type EMP is a proportionally actuated a with throttle function. Appropriate connection blocks make direct pipe connection or manifold mounting possible and additional components – such as drain valves, bypass throttle valves, pressure switches or flow control valves – can be obtained.

The design of the Hawe EM, BEM and EMP allows switching up to approximately 3 litres per minute and piloted up to 160 litres per minute, with limited flow resistance even whilst operating at high flow rates. Users benefit from long product lifetime due to hardened valve seats.

Key technical specifications are as follows:

  • Hawe EM: maximum pressure 350-450 bar; flow rate 20-160 litres per minute
  • Hawe BEM: maximum pressure 315 bar; flow rate 20 litres per minute
  • Hawe EMP: maximum pressure 350-400 bar; flow rate: 40-160 litres per minute

Common applications:

  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Road construction industry
  • Materials handling, industrial trucks etc.
  • Handling and assembly robots, etc.

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