Hawe HK and HKF Compact Hydraulic Power Packs


The Hawe HK and HKF power packs are compact hydraulic power packs. They feature an electric drive which runs in oil, and the stator is securely attached to the housing tank. This range is suitable for hydraulic systems with the nominal operating modes S2, S3 or S6.

The utilisation of radial piston pumps in this power pack facilitate a long lifespan of operation. Low required oil fill volumes allow less oil to be used, hence running costs for replacing hydraulic fluid are cut – this also reduces the environmental impact of running this system. A frequency converter allows for speed control for flexible utilisation.

Technical specifications of Hawe HK and HKF power packs include:

  • Max pressure: 700 bar
  • System pressure: 700 bar
  • High pressure flow rate (low pressure): 6.3-13 litres/ minute (6.6-24 litres/ minute)
  • High pressure displacement (low pressure): 4.58-9.17 cc/rev (4.8-17 cc/rev)
  • Machine tools and material testing
  • Welding machines and robots
  • Endurance test bench construction
  • Hydraulic tools

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