Hawe LB Series Check Valve


The Hawe LB valve is a line rupture protection check valve. These valves are normally mounted directly on the cylinder and prevent uncontrolled cylinder movement in the accidental event of a pipe rupture or hose break.

The LB valve is designed to offer a high level of safety in the event of pressure peaks. It operates with an accurate and secure closing at a pre-set trigger flow rate. Higher flow rates cause a plate raised from the spring return valve seat until pressure resumes a safe level, forcing the valve to close. A variant with orifice bore in the valve plate permits a low flow rate in the locking direction. Type LB is available as a screw-in valve or in a housing version for in-line installation.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe LB valve include:

  • Maximum pressure: 500 bar
  • Flow rate: 25 – 250 litres/ minute

Common applications include industrial trucks and lifting devices

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