Hawe Hydraulic Check Valves

Hawe hydraulic check valves block the flow rate in one direction while enabling it in the other direction

The range of Hawe Hydraulic check valves includes check valves, releasable check valves, pre-fill valves and line rupture protection valves:

  • The Hawe range comprises of series: B, RK, RB, RC, RE, ER, EK, CRK, CRB and CRH
  • Releasable check valves block one or both hydraulic consumer lines or are used as a hydraulically actuated drain valve or idle circulation valve. The range comprises: RHC, RHCE, HRP, RH and DRH series.
  • Hawe F series pre-fill check valves with hydraulic release
  • Line rupture protection, Hawe hose burst valves prevent uncontrolled cylinder movement in the event of a pipe rupture or hose break. The range comprises: LB, WV, WVC, WVE and WVH series.

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