Hawe LHT Load-Holding Valves


The Hawe LHT valve is a type of pressure control valve. It is designed to prevent loads on cylinders or motors dropping in an uncontrolled manner during operations that are not generally adapted to oscillations. The valve is sealed, experiencing zero-leakage when the plant is not running. It is possible to relieve reoccurring pressure surges or gradual pressure increases, on the load side of the valve, by integrating a separate shock valve into the block.

Numerous adjustment options and various configurations are available.

Technical specifications of the Hawe LHT:

  • Maximum pressure: 400-420 bar
  • Flow rate: 28-250 litres per minute

Meanwhile, technical specifications of the Hawe LHTE are:

  • Maximum pressure: 700 bar
  • Flow rate: 130 litres per minute

Common applications include cranes and lifting equipment, construction machines and municipal trucks.

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