Hawe NPC Hydraulic Power Pack


The Hawe NPC power pack is a compact hydraulic power pack, consisting of a tank, integrated DC motor and a radial piston pump directly attached to the motor shaft. The design results in a very small installation package, making it easy to transport the power pack for mobile hydraulic systems. The pump carrier comes with an integrated pressure-limiting valve as standard. When valve banks are directly mounted, compact control systems can be set up quickly and easily. The NPC runs on a S3 nominal operating mode.

Low required oil fill volumes allow less oil to be used, hence running costs for replacing hydraulic fluid are cut – this also reduces the environmental impact of running this system. Flexibility comes from potential for 12V and 24V power supply and the facility to install the pump vertically or horizontally. Maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimised with a keen focus on optimising for reliability and druability.

Smmary technical specifications of the Hawe NPC series include:

  • Maxim pressure: 750 bar
  • Displacement: 1 cc/rev
  • Flow rate: 0.27-2.29 litres per minute

Common applications include:

  • Hydraulic tools
  • Brakes for wind power plants
  • Winch controls
  • Hydraulic fixtures

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