Hawe NSMD Clamping Module System


The Hawe NSMD clamping module combines a directional spool valve, pressure reducing valve and pressure switch. This module has a standard connecting pattern with the nominal size NG 6. It controls power-driven clamping devices, such as; hydraulically-driven hollow and solid clamping cylinders for automatic lathes. It regulates and monitors the clamping and allows for pressure to be adjusted at the downstream pressure switch using a manual, mechanical or an electrically-proportional adjustment device. A special safety circuit monitors the switching position of the valve.

If required, one or both ports allow for additional functions, for example; throttling options in the spool end position or the utilisation of rapid and creeping movements where necessary. The NSMD can be combined with other valves as a valve bank type BA to form a valve block. The valve connection patterns are in accordance with DIN 24340-A6.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe NSMD module:

  • Maximum pressure: 120 bar
  • Operating pressure: 80 bar
  • Flow rate: 25 litres/ minute

Common applications include:

  • Machine tools (cutting)
  • Machine tools (non-cutting) – forming and cutting
  • Handling and mounting technology (industrial robots, etc.)

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