Hawe PDM and PDMP Pressure-Reducing Valves


 Hawe PDM and PDMP valves are types of proportional pressure-reducing, or pressure control, valves. They remotely control the pressure in hydraulic systems continually and electrically.

The PDM valve is piloted with a piston and is controlled electro-proportionally. The valves have an external control oil drain and maintain a constant pressure on the secondary side, independent of the inlet side. Both the Hawe PDM and PDMP are configured with an integrated overpressure function. They are also available as single valves for pipe connection or as manifold mounting valves.

The PDM type is particularly suitable for dynamic control of the pressure level in hydraulic systems.

Key technical specifications of these valves are as follows:

  • Hawe PDM: working pressure 180-350 bar; system pressure 350 bar; flow rate 12-120 litres per minute
  • Hawe PDMP: working pressure 180-320 bar; system pressure 350 bar; flow rate: 12-20 litres per minute

Common applications include general hydraulic systems and equipment, test benches and hydraulic tools

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