Hawe PSL and PSV Proportional Spool Valves


The Hawe PSL valve is a proportional directional spool valve, suitable for constant pump systems; the PSV series is for variable pump systems.

The flow rates and load pressures for the individual consumers can be individually adjusted making this product universally applicable. Both of these proportional directional spool valves can be adapted to various control tasks, e.g. for safety functions. Functionality is improved as all sizes can be combined with each other.

These valves are highly energy efficient. Despite having a compact and light weight design, the PSL and PSV valves are robust and optimised for a long lifespan at high pressures.

The wider range comprises types: PSL, PSV, PSM, SL, HMPL and HMPV valves.

Technical specifications of both the Hawe PSL and PSV series include:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 – 420 bar
  • Flow rate: 60- 350 litres / minute

Common applications include: loading cranes, lifting platforms, municipal trucks, construction machines, drilling equipment, machines for forestry and agricultural purposes.

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