Hawe SLC Valve System


The Hawe SLC valve is a chained valve, combining seated valves and dual check valves to hold hydraulic actuators in position for long periods of time. This design facilitates the combination of different circuit symbols or actuation types in order to save space – such systems can also be used to actuate independent consumers.

You can integrate T-throttles into the block to adjust actuator movements. The magnetic plugs used are connectors (Tyco Quadlok MQS or FEP flat plugs) used in the automotive industry. The low flow rates of up to 1 litre/minute support the set up of mini-hydraulics system solutions.

End users benefit from the system’s compact design, which means little space is needed. Its energy efficiency reduces costs. The design also encourages short switching times.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe SLC include:

  • Maximum pressure: 150 bar
  • Flow rate: 1 litre per minute

Common applications include: operating tables, rescue stretchers, floor-lock systems and automotive.

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