Hawe SVP and SVPR Pressure Limiting Valves


Hawe SVP and SVPR pressure-limiting valves, or sequence valves, are types of pressure control valves.

Pressure-limiting valves safeguard the system against excessive system pressure or limit the operation pressure by generating a constant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet flow.

The Hawe SVP and SVPR are able to operate at pressures of up to 700 bar. Numerous configurations and adjustment options are available, allowing for undamped variants for use in special operating conditions.

Key technical specifications of these valves are as follows:

  • Hawe SVP: maximum pressure 200-700 bar; flow rate 60-80 litres per minute
  • Hawe SVPR: maximum pressure 200-300 bar; flow rate: 60-80 litres per minute

Common applications include general hydraulic systems, test benches and hydraulic tools

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