Hawe NBVP Series Directional Seated Valve


Hawe NBVP valves are directional seated valves designed to be totally leak-free when closed and exhibit an explosion-proof design. They are used to open and close one or more hydraulic flow paths, employing an 8 watt solenoid. The ports are connected and disconnected by lifting or applying a sealing element.

The NBVP valve series is designed for manifold mounting as a specifically cone-seated valve and has a nominal size NG6 connection pattern. This valve is available in 2/2, 3/2, 3/3 and 4/3-way configurations – the 4/3 valves have a 4th switching position if required. Different types of actuation are available, however all connections can be subjected to the same pressures.

Depending on the functional requirement, a check valve, a (consumer-side) restrictor and/or restrictor check valves can be integrated into type NBVP, for example. Hawe NBVP valves are used together with other valves in conjunction with valve bank type BA to completely control a hydraulic system.

Key technical specifications of the NBVP valve series include:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 bar
  • Flow rate: 20 litres/ minute

Common applications for this valve series include: machine tools; woodworking and processing machinery; testing machinery and jig construction equipment.

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