Hydac DX-6 Open Centre Directional Valves


The Hydac DX-6 valve is a sectional valve that is available with 1 to 10 working sections per valve assembly. As standard, the DX-6 includes a variety of sections, spools, spool controls and additional parts in a modular design, making the valve very flexible.

This valve is configured for both manual and hydraulic or electro-hydraulic proportional remote control. The manual controlled spool end sections can either be open or encapsulated. It is worth noting that encapsulation significantly decreases the risk of external leakage, making the valve well adapted for applications in demanding environments. For remote control, the spool controls are generally designed as complete modules for assembly on one of the valve sides.

The DX-6 is first designed as an open centre valve for fixed displacement pumps and secondly, for variable displacement pumps. It is also possible to fully adapt the pump for marine-based applications. The valve offers excellent operating characteristics, and good controllability on a wide range of machinery due to the specially designed spools. Low and uniform spool forces are the result of careful balancing of the flow forces.

Key technical specifications of the Hydac DX-6 include:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 5-350 bar
  • Flow rate: 140-180 litres per minute

Common applications include: cranes, sky-lifts, refuse and municipal vehicles, trucks, excavators, telescopic load handlers, skid-loaders and wheel-loaders.

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