Hydac LX-6 Load-Sensing Directional Valves


The Hydac LX-6 is a pressure-compensated load-sensing valve, designed for fixed or variable displacement pumps. It operates with high accuracy, fine control and energy efficiency. Up to ten functions can be controlled independently as long as the requested flow does not exceed the maximum pump flow. Its flexible structure and compact design make the LX-6 suitable for a wide range of applications.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Inlet sections with flangeable options
  • Energy-efficient design of spools and housings
  • Spools with 3 or 4 (float) positions
  • Logics and characteristics, and high resolution thanks to a large spool stroke
  • Shock and anti-cavitation valves to protect equipment requiring oil
  • Mechanical or electro-proportional LS-limitation
  • End elements with additional P/T port
  • Maximum operating pressure: 350 bar
  • Flow rate: 180 litres per minute
  • Nominal flow rate of 160 litres per minute at the service port

Common applications include: cranes, drill rigs, municipal machines, forestry machines, stationary applications and working platforms.

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