Dana VT Series Power Pack

AC Mini Power Packs / DC Mini Power Packs


The Dana VT series of mini power packs provide a compact, economical and reliable solution for moving double-acting cylinders. The design utilises cartridge valves incorporated in the base flange and therefore not needing the use of external blocks.

Other features of the Hydr-App VT Series include:

  • Group 05 and 1 pumps from 0.25 to 9.8 cc/rev;
  • Maximum pressure up to 290 bar;
  • DC electric motors from 350W to 3 kW – 12 – 24 – 48 V;
  • AC electric motors up to size 100 / 112 with direct coupling or B14;
  • Plastic or metal tanks up to 25 litres;
  • Horizontal or vertical assembly.

Dana Brevini is committed to customer satisfaction and excellence of their products and services. This means the company offers superior product quality, technologically advanced products, world-class service and competitive prices.

Contact us for further Dana VT technical details and configuration options – our technical team will be delighted to help.

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