Dana Brevini Hydraulic Power Packs

Dana Brevini power units embrace a complete range of power packs, electric pumps, oil-bathed motor power units and direct current motors…

The range includes:

  • MR Series | ideal where compact size and reduced flow rates are required. Designed primarily for operating one single-acting cylinder but with the possibility of multiple drives using stackable blocks;
  • MW Series | reversible micro power packs with reversible pump; Designed to operate one double-acting cylinder, reversing only in the direction the motor is turning. Ideal where compact size, reliability and reduced flow rates are the features required by the application;
  • FP Series | The Dana FP power pack is a verstaile and easy to assemble, modular  compact electro-hydraulic unit;
  • MC Series |  Dana MC mini power packs provide an economical and flexible solution across a range of applications;
  • MK Series | MK series of mini power packs provide a compact, economical and reliable solution for specific applications such as dock levellers;
  • EP MP Series | Dana EP and MP series of electric pumps are simple power unit comprising a DC motor and gear pump. They are useful when the filled circuit is far from the the power unit;
  • CMI Series | These power units have a motor-pump set that is  completely immersed in the oil inside the tank;
  • ST Series | Versatile power packs for medium- high flows;
  • DC Motors | Dana SAC offers a wide range of DC motors with rated voltage from 12V to 24V and power from 350W to 3000W.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options on Dana Brevini power packs – we’ll be delighted to help!

We also design, build and supply hydraulic power packs; whether you are looking for a relatively standard unit, or a custom power pack as part of a larger hydraulic system design project. Find out more here.