Parker Denison P8 GOLD CUP Piston Pump / Motor

GOLD CUP Series Piston Pumps / Motors


Parker Denison GOLD CUP axial piston pumps / motors are variable displacement and of an unparalleled rugged design. Capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions, the Denison GOLD CUP series has been designed to operate in a wide range of industries needing closed-loop control, high pressure, high power density including: blast hole drill rigs, cranes, marine, military, mining, power generation, pulp and paper and shredding.

Rated to 500 psi (350 bar) continuous pressure and continuous duty, the Denison GOLD CUP design has the unique feature of an internal servo/replenish and the ability to utilize system over pressure to directly control the stroking chambers. Controls are completely modular in design and can be configured to meet most any system requirements with standard factory options. All internal wear surfaces are hydrostatically balanced and/or hydraulically linked allowing for a long and serviceable life. The GOLD CUP pump also has the ability to run in many open circuit applications and also has digital (flow/pressure) capability for the most difficult of control requirements.

Summary technical data for the P8 GOLD CUP pump is as follows:

  • Maximum displacement: 8.00 in³/rev / 131.1 cm³/rev
  • Continuous pressure: 5000 psi / 350 bar
  • Intermittent pressure: 5000 psi / 350 bar
  • Maximum speed: 2700 rpm at full stroke

Parker Denison GOLD CUP pumps / motors also features such as:

  • Modular controls and quick change valve block – easy to service or replace
  • Versatile controls – located on either side of the pump for maximum freedom of design
  • Dampened low inertia rocker cam – more stable, quieter and faster than other designs
  • Exclusive zero-backlash rotary servo design, offering lifetime accuracy
  • Field adjustable compensator override, easily adjusted without removing from machinery
  • Precision barrel bearing – permits high speeds, high pressure and long life
  • Ring-style replenishing – checks fastest operation with no sliding poppets or parts and low pressure drop
  • Hot oil shuttle available – fast, reliable operation
  • Auxiliary pump – can be changed without disassembling the transmission
  • Standard SAE keyed or splined drive shafts
  • High pressure mechanical shaft seals can be changed without disassembling the transmission (excluding the P24 and P30 models) with double lip seals also available
  • One piece stroking vane/cam – no lost motion, zero backlash, better control, and no linkages to wear out
  • Stroking vane seals are pressure loaded for longer life
  • Standard compensator vent ports for a wide variety of controls
  • Rocker cam displacement indicator helps troubleshoot the system
  • Modulated servo pressure saves power
  • Standard Code 62 SAE split flange connections;
  • Fastest compensator response: gives maximum of 10% pressure overshoot at rated conditions (guaranteed times under all conditions, faster response times possible depending upon application)
  • Certification approvals: ATEX, ABS, MIL-P-17869A and MIL-S-901-C Grade A

Download the P8 Gold Cup Technical Catalogue>>> 

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

P8F 2R1D
P8F 5L1D 00
P8F 5L5D 00
P8P 1L1A 8A2 A00
P8P 1L1A 8A2 B00
P8P 1R1A 102 A
P8P 2L1A 9A2 B00
P8P 2R1A 2A2 B00
P8P 2R1A 7D6 B00 0 M2 06778
P8P 2R1A 7F8 B01 M2 84663
P8P 2R1A 7F8 B01 M2 85451
P8P 2R1A 8A2 B00
P8P 2R1A 8C4 B00
P8P 2R1A 9A2 A00
P8P 2R1A 9A2 B00
P8P 2R1A 9A2 B00 M2 81520
P8P 2R1A 9C4 B00
P8P 2R5A 9A2 A00 M2 81259
P8P 3L1A 2H2 B00
P8P 3L1A 4A2 B00
P8P 3L1A 8A2 A00
P8P 3L1A 9A2 A00
P8P 3R1A 102 B
P8P 3R1A 2H2 A00
P8P 3R1A 5A2 B00
P8P 3R1A 8C2 B00
P8P 3R1A 9A2 A00
P8P 3R1A 9A2 B00
P8P 3R1A 9C4 B00
P8P 3R5A 2A2 A M2 08168
P8P 3R5A 9C4 B00
P8P 5L1A 9A2 A00
P8P 5L1A 9A2 B00
P8P 5R1A 9A2 A00
P8R 2R1A 2A2 A00 XC0
P8R 2R1A 2H2 A00 XC0
P8R 2R1A 9A2 A00 XC0
P8R 2R1A 9A2 B00 XA0
P8R 2R1A 9A2 B00 XB0
P8R 3R1A 2H2 A00 XC0
P8R 3R1A 8A2 A00 XB0
P8R 3R1A 8A2 A00 XB1 M2 09060
P8R 3R1A 8A2 A00 XC0
P8R 8R1A 9A2 B00 XC0
P8L 7R1A 9A2 A00 XB0
P8L 7R1A 9A2 A00 XC0
P8L 8R1A 9A2 A00 XC0
P8X 2R1A 9A2 A00 0B0
P8X 2R1A 9A2 B00 0A0
P8X 2R1A 9A2 A00 0B1-PV20
P8X 3L1A 9A2 A00 0A0
P8X 3L1A 9A2 B00 0B0
P8X 3R1A 102 B00 0A0
P8X 3R1A 4A2 A00 0B0
P8X 3R1A 8A2 B00 0B0
P8X 3R1A 9A2 B00 0B0
P8X 8L1A 2N2 B06 0A0
P8X 8R1A 9A2 B00 0B0
P8S 2R1A 4A2 A00 0A1 M2 08621
P8S 2R1A 4A2 B00 0A1 M2 08622
P8S 2R1A 8A2 B00 0B0
P8S 2R1A 9A2 A00 0B0
P8S 2R1A 9A2 B00 0A0 M2 80814
P8S 2R1A 9A2 B00 0A1 M2 08220
P8S 2R5A 8A2 B00 0B0
P8S 2R5A 9A2 A00 0B0
P8S 2R5A 9A2 B00 0A1 M2 08220-5
P8S 3L1A 9A2 A00 0B0
P8S 7R1A 2N2 B06 0A1 M2 84358
P8S 7R1A 8A2 A00 0B0 EX M2 85711
P8S 7R1A 8A2 A00 0B0 M2 85057
P8S 7R1A 8A2 B00 0B0 M2 83866
P8S 8L1A 4A2 B00 0A1 M2 81994
P8S 9R1A 2N2 B06 0A1 M2 84477
P8V 2R1A 102 B
P8V 2R1A 104 A
P8V 2R1A 104 A M2 80217
P8V 2R1A 2A2 A
P8V 2R1A 4A2 A M2 08719
P8V 2R1A 9A2 A00
P8V 2R1A 9A2 B00
P8V 2R1A 9A2 B00 M2 84657
P8V 2R1A 9A4 A01
P8V 2R4A 2A2 A
P8V 3L1A 102 A
P8V 3L1A 102 A M2 08678

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