Parker Denison T6*R Thru Drive Vane Pumps


Parker Denison T6*R pumps have high pressure capability up to 275 bar, a wide speed range from 400 rpm to 3600 rpm, large size cartridge displacements and a compact design.

Mechanical and volumetric efficiency is consistently 94%, reducing heat generation and allowing speeds down to 400 rpm at full pressure. The double lip vane concept increases resistance to particle contamination, while low ripple pressure reduces piping noise and protects other components in the circuit.

Parker Denison T6*R pumps are available as:

  • Industrial version, T6*R: T6CR | T6DR | T6ER | T6DCCR |T6EDCR
  • Mobile version, T6*RM: T6CRM | T6DRM | T6ERM

With a range of flow rates:

  • Size C: 10 to 100ml/rev.
  • Size D: 48 to 158ml/rev.
  • Size E: 132 to 227 ml/rev.

The port orientation allows customised installation and is ideal in restricted access conditions. All displacements have the same body simplifying installation design.

Single pumps have 4 different mounting positions and 4 on rear drive; triple pumps have 128 positions and 2 on rear drive.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Download the Parker Denison T6*R Technical Catalogue >>> 

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