Parker R4V / R6V OBE Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves


Parker R4V / R6V OBE valves are compact pilot-operated proportional pressure relief valves with integrated electronics. They provide excellent balanced pressure behaviour.

The valves operate with a proportional solenoid-operated pilot stage with digital electronics which controls a seated type main stage.

Features and benefits of the Parker R4V / R6V OBE series include:

  • Wide range of options and connections including optional mechanical maximum pressure adjustment
  • Outstanding constant pressure behaviour
  • Very good pressure/flow behaviour
  • On-board electronics permitting storage and loading of valve records, for fast configuration
  • Electronics situated in a robust metal housing
  • Compact design and flexible mounting
  • Optional mechanical maximum pressure adjustment
  • Electrical connection:
    • Code 10V: 6 + PE central connection | 0…+10 V command signal | +10 V reference voltage output
    • Code 4MA: 6 + PE central connection | 4…20 mA command signal
  • Two interfaces for subplate mounting:
    • R4V subplate ISO 6264 (DIN 24340 Form D)
    • R6V subplate ISO 6264 (DIN 24340 Form E)

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Download the Parker R4V R6V OBE Technical Catalogue >>>


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