Parker R4V / R6V TUEV Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves


Parker R4V / R6V TUEV valves are pilot operated pressure relief valves. Both series R4V (DIN 24340 Form D) and R6V (DIN 24340 Form E) include the TUEV certificate of conformity according to Directive 97/23/EG for the use in safety-related applications.

They are suitable for subplate mounting and provide stable performance across the whole pressure range.

Features and benefits of Parker R4V R6V TUEV valves include:

  • Outstanding constant pressure behaviour
  • Very good pressure/flow behaviour
  • Compact design and flexible mounting
  • Vent function for series R6V available with a solenoid operated directional valve is available for circulation at minimum pressure.

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Download the Parker R4V R6V TUEV Technical Catalogue >>>

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