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    Oil Control Cartridge Valves

    Introducing the diverse range of Bosch Rexroth Oil Control cartridge valves…

    Oil Control

    Counterbalance Valves: Counterbalance valves can often be referred to as over-centre valves or motion control valves. They help to control the movement of overrunning loads. Features of this particular Oil Control cartridge valve include:

    • Load holding at “zero leakage”;
    • Expert control of negative loads whilst in action and during flow range;
    • Rapid response time;
    • Pressure relief protection against overloads;
    • Energy saving;
    • Tolerance to oil contamination;
    • Compact design.

    The check valve function enables free flow from the directional valve (port 2). When load pressure at port 1 rises above the pressure setting, the relief function is triggered and flow is relieved from 1 to 2.

    The Bosch Rexroth Oil Control range offers different types of pressure compensated counterbalance valves: relief compensated, 3-ports atmospherically vented and 4- ports vented.

    Screw-In Type Cartridge Valves: The range of Oil Control cartridge valves includes screw-in type cartridge valves that are made to meet almost any application requirements for mobile hydraulic systems.

    For this product line Oil Control has used the cavity patterns which are broadly utilised today by the industry all over the world, with UNF threads, according to SAE standards, nominal size 08-10-12-16-20.

    Poppet type solenoid operated directional valves: Poppet type solenoid operated directional valves are designed to manage the direction of flow in hydraulic circuits. Some of the features of these Oil Control cartridge valves include:

    • Leakage prevention;
    • Many operating pressure ranges;
    • Durable;
    • High quality;
    • Compact design;
    • Many coil voltage ranges;
    • Many coil connection ranges.

    Oil Control poppet type solenoid operated directional valves are also offered with a variety of configurations: Single lock and double lock, normally open and normally closed, side-in/nose-out and vice-versa, with internal reverse check, energy-saving, extra spring and a common industry cavity, size 08 to 16.

    Directional Poppet Valves KSDE: The Oil Control KSDE directional poppet valves are available in sizes 1 and 8 (for pilot flow). The KSDE also ensures leak-free operation for your application up to pressures of 500 bar. 2 Way / 2 Position as well as 3 Way / 2 Position valves are available in many configurations. As a high performance Oil Control cartridge valve range, all KSDE include high durability of 10 million life cycles for your application.

    Directional Spool Valves KKDE: Oil Control’s KKDE directional spool valves are offered in sizes 1 and 8 (for pilot flow). The range includes:  2 way / 2 position, 3 way / 2 position and 4 way / 2 position and is available either as a “high performance” valve up to 350 bar and 10 million life cycles or “standard performance” valve which includes 250 bar maximum pressure and 2 million life cycles.

    Proportional Directional Valves Type KKDSRThe KKDSR proportional directional valve enables smooth flow control function up to 350 bar.

    Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves Type FTDRE / MHDRE: Oil Control’s proportional pressure reducing valves type FTDRE and MHDRE offer smooth pressure control features as pilot stages in mobile control blocks as well as in gearbox and clutch control applications.

    Insert Type Cartridge Valves: From their compact controls product line, the range of Oil Control cartridge valves also includes a variety of insert type cartridge valves including: check valves, pressure compensated flow controls and hose burst valves. Due to the small size they are very suited for use in pumps, directional control valves as well as integrated circuits. With various configurations available, the  VMA range offers:

    • Pressure relief and anti-cavitation function – fixed setting;
    • Pressure relief (without anti-cavitation)- fixed setting;
    • Anti-cavitation function only;
    • Pressure relief and anti-cavitation – adjustable setting;