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    Oil Control Load Holding / Motion Control Valves

    Bosch Rexroth Oil Control load holding / motion control valves…

    Pressure Control Valves: The range of pressure control valves that Oil Control have on offer include: pressure limiting valves, sequence valves and pressure reducing valves, dual cross-over relief and anti-cavitation valves for in line installation or directly flangeable on motors.

    Flow control valves: The range of pressure control valves that Oil Control have on offer include: pressure compensated 2-way, 3-way, 3-way combination type adjustable flow regulators and pressure compensated flow dividers and combiners.

    Motion Control Valves: Oil Control motion control valves are constructed by a standard or bespoke manifold, combining the appropriate internal elements and fitted to a flange directly on the actuator or connected in pipeline. Excellent stability during load lowering control is a necessary feature of a motion control valve. This is combined with other necessary specifications, including energy saving, good relief characteristic and a quick response in opening and closing.

    Applications for the Oil Control load holding / motion control valves include: cranes, lifting working platforms, telehandlers, backhoe loaders, concrete pump trucks, drilling equipment and winches.

    Check and Metering Valves: Features of the check and metering valves include:

    • Low pressure drop throughout the lifting process;
    • Reduced lowering of the load in neutral position – no-leak design;
    • Anti-shock and relief protection against overloads with very flat hysteresis free relief feature;
    • Metering and possibility to stop the outlet flow in case of hose burst (intended for use on load handling machines subject to the requirements of European Standard 474-1994 / ISO Standard 8643;
    • Designed for direct flange mounting (SAE port pattern) or for in pipeline installation;
    • A-VBC-N enhances a very fine metering features for maximum sensivity – spool with notches – and a fail safe mode design.

    Applications of these Oil Control motion control valves include: excavators, backhoe loaders and cranes.

    Heavy Duty Priority Flow Control Valves: The A-VRFC3C series offer an easy and effective solution to supply hydraulic power to auxiliary work tools and attachments, predominantly on earth moving machines such as loaders and excavators. These valves have a 3-way configuration: one pump inlet port and two outlet ports for priority and by-pass flow. The priority port exerts full pressure compensated flow, power limited by a relief valve and available on demand by energizing the solenoid cartridge. Priority flow rate and relief pressure can be adapted to your application. The inlet flow in excess of the priority flow is directed to the by-pass port.

    Some of the features of these valves include:

    • Precise metering of the pressure compensated flow independent of all working pressures;
    • Solenoid actuated control to engage priority flow with wide range of connections and voltages available;
    • Wide range of flow ranges and port options;
    • Reduced leakage from priority outlet with solenoid not energized;
    • Zinc plated, steel body for heavy duty application.