Eaton Hydraulic Cylinders

Eaton hydraulic cylinders excel in the world’s toughest jobs and harshest conditions. These cylinders are designed for rugged environments where dependability is key. Potential applications include: offshore drilling rigs and steel mills, and civil engineering applications such as bridges and hydropower gates.

The full range of Eaton hydraulic cylinders comprises:

Electrohydraulic cylinders – EH Series
  • Eaton electrohydraulic cylinders (EH series) combine a high-performance cylinder, precision feedback transducer and control valve mount in a single package to simplify hydraulic systems. Additionally, for advanced closed-loop motion control, customers can mount Eaton valves onto the configured cylinder and adjusted to precise specifications.
Heavy-duty tie-rod ISO metric cylinders – IHM & TV Series
  • Eaton tie-rod heavy-duty ISO metric cylinders make it easy to meet your application requirements and ISO industry standards. Further, Eaton has developed the IHM series and TV series cylinders with durable gray iron bearings, therefore keeping them running stronger and longer.
Heavy-duty tie-rod NFPA cylinders – N series
  • These N series cylinders can withstand extreme environmental conditions and constant use, engineered for maximum reliability and long life. The range of cylinder bore sizes spans from 25.4 mm to 203 mm and up to an 8 m stroke. Additionally, a variety of mounting, port style and other standard options are available to meet the demands of many applications.
Hydraulic threaded cylinders – T Series
  • Eaton hydraulic threaded T series cylinders are compact and long-lasting, subsequently they are ideal for a variety of applications. These easy-to-clean cylinders are very suitable for food processing, waste processing and more. Continually, these are available in standard bore sizes from 20 mm to 200 mm and stroke sizes up to 4.5 m. These cylinders are manufactured with solid materials and durable construction for increased operation.
Large-bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders – G Series
  • Eaton large-bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders are ready for the world’s toughest jobs. Created with ultra-heavy-duty materials and smart design features, these G series cylinders are made for optimal performance and longevity. Moreover, Eaton VG Series and Hydro-Line® HG Series cylinders come in standard bore sizes from 254 mm to 762 mm and offer stroke lengths up to 7620 mm.
Medium-duty hydraulic tie-rod NFPA cylinders – R Series
  • Eaton hydraulic tie-rod medium-duty NFPA cylinders offer maximum bearing support and wear resistance, thanks to the unitized pilot fitted rod bearing. These R series cylinders come in 19 different mounting styles and bore sizes from 254mm to 508mm, so you can find the right fit for your project.
Mill-duty hydraulic cylinders – imperial EM Series
  • Eaton mill-duty hydraulic EM series cylinders are engineered to meet the extreme demands of primary metal applications. Customised bore size or stroke length are available.
Mill-duty hydraulic cylinders – metric IM Series
  • Eaton mill-duty hydraulic IM series cylinders are designed to perform in extremely demanding environments. Correspondingly, customised bore size or stroke lengths are available.
Welded cylinders – W Series
  • Eaton industrial welded cylinders utilise high-yield-strength steel to keep your systems operating smoother, stronger and longer. W series cylinders feature advanced sealing technology to virtually eliminate system leaks.

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