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    Bosch Rexroth Oil Control Motor Load Holding Valves

    Bosch Rexroth Oil Control Motor Load Holding Valves


    The range of Bosch Rexroth Oil Control motor load holding valves comprises:

    Dual cross over relief

    • Direct acting: VSDI-30 | VSDI-30-FM | VSDI-80
    • Direct acting with anti-cavitation check valve: VSDI-VA-30-FM | VSDI-VA-80 | VSDI-VA-80-FM
    • Pilot operated with anti-cavitation check valve: A-VAA-CC-150 | A-VAA-CC-42-FM 

    Single counterbalance with brake release port

    • In-line: A-VBSO-SE-LA-33 | A-VBSO-SE-LA-42
    • Flangeable: VBSO-SE-FA-30 | VBSO-SE-FA-33 | VBSO-SE-FA-RD-30 | VBSO-SE-FA-RD-90 | A-VBSO-SE-FA-42

    Dual counterbalance with brake release port

    • Standard configuration: A-VBSO-DE-VF-30 | VBSO-DE-VF-30-FM | VBSO-DE-VF-30-VSDI-FM
    • With dual cross over relief: VBSO-DE-VF-30-VSDI-FM 
    • With pressure reducer for brake release: VBSO-DE-VF-30-FM | A-VBSN-DE-VF-12A-FM | A-VBSN-DE-VF-20A-FM

    Motion control

    • Standard configuration: VAA-B-SIC50-38 | VAA-B-SICN-ST-50 | VAA-B-SICN-ST-150 | VAA-B-SICN-ST-250
    • With brake release port: VAA-B-SICN-ST-VF-50 | VAA-B-SICN-ST-VF-150 | VAA-B-SICN-ST-VF-250
    • Dual setting: VAA-B-SICN-PDRM-50 | VAA-B-SICN-PDRM-150 | VAA-B-SICN-PDRM-250
    • Dual setting with brake release port: VAA-B-SICN-PDRM-VF-50 | VAA-B-SICN-PDRM-VF-150 | VAA-B-SICN-PDRM-VF-250

    Further technical details and datasheets can be found in the Bosch Rexroth product-selection-guide and online catalogue.

    Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Bosch Rexroth Oil Control motor load holding valves that you need – our award-winning team will still be able to help!

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