Eaton Vickers Check Valves


Eaton Vickers check valves are available in a wide variety of styles and a range of spring (cracking) pressures to suit application requirements. Right-angle, manifold-mounted and pilot-operated check valves can be used for high-velocity flows resulting in shock conditions, while inline models are designed for low-shock service.

Available in sizes from D02 to D10, Eaton Vickers check valves are suitable for pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) and flows up to 400 litres/minute.

Inline check valves can be used as a safety bypass for flow surges through filters and heat-exchangers. With a higher spring rating, they can also be used as a means of generating pilot pressure. With a compact, robust design they have a low pressure drop and wide flow/pressure range. Model codes are: DS8P1– | DT8P1

Right-angle check valves are designed for higher flows with less pressure drop and have a hardened, ground steel valve seat and poppet for improved cycle life. They are typically used to control the rate of decompression in a large press before shifting the main valve. They feature fast opening and closing and stable performance and allow easier installation and servicing of components. Model codes are: C2-800 | C2(S)-805 | C2(S)-815 | C2-820 | C2(S)-825 | C2-830 | C2-835

Pilot operated check valves ensure very low internal leakage and are typically used to lock a cylinder in place until the main directional valve shifts. Model codes are: 4C*-03-A | 4C*-03-C | 4C*-03-F | 4C*-06-A | 4C*-06-C | 4C*-06-F | 4C*-10-A | 4C*-10-C | 4C*-10-F

Manifold mounted check valve model codes are: C5G-805 | C5G-815 | C5G-825

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