Parker R4V R6V Valves – Subplate Mounting


Parker R4V R6V pilot operated pressure relief valves for subplate mounting provide outstanding constant pressure behaviour. The R4V/R6V proportional series enables a continuous pressure adjustment by the additional proportional unit. These valves were formerly made by Denison Hydraulics before they became part of the Parker Group.

Features and benefits include:

  • Wide range of options and connections
  • Outstanding constant pressure behaviour
  • Very good pressure/flow behaviour
  • Parker R4V R6V Proportional: optimally suited to the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400
  • Pilot operated with manual adjustment or with proportional solenoid
  • 2 interfaces:
    • R4V Subplate ISO 6264 (DIN 24340 Form D) with VV01 vent valve
    • R6V Subplate ISO 6264 (DIN 24340 Form E) with CETOP 03 vent valve
  • 3 pressure stages
  • 3 adjustment modes: hand knob | acorn nut with lead seal | cylinder lock
  • Remote control via port X
  • Mechanical maximum pressure adjustment (optional for R6V*P2)

Pilot operated pressure relief valves series R4V (DIN 24340 Form D) and R6V (DIN 24340 Form E) consist of a manually or a proportionally adjusted pilot stage and a seated type main stage. A vent function with a solenoid operated directional valve is available for circulation at minimum pressure. The optimum performance of the proportional version can be achieved in combination with the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400.

Series R4V/R6V: System pressure in port P is applied via the X gallery to the spring-loaded cone in the pilot head. The pilot head controls the pressure in the Z area on top of the main cartridge which is additionally kept close by the main spring. If the pilot pressure exceeds the setting pressure the pilot cone opens and thus limits the pilot pressure. When the system pressure exceeds the pilot pressure plus the spring force, the main cartridge opens to port T and limits the pressure in port P to the adjusted level.

Series R4V/R6V with vent function: In addition to the relief function, a solenoid operated vent valve connects the Z area to tank. This allows oil circulation from P to T at minimum pressure drop. The vent valve can either be a standard CETOP 03 valve (R6V) or a sandwich unit (R4V). For both types the vent position can be either at the energised or de-energised solenoid.

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